Bob Jordan


Bob Jordan

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Mr. Jordan has forty-one (45) years’ experience in the pumping industry.  He has an extensive background in the commercial/industrial/municipal markets as both a contractor and supplier. He is experienced in both the water and wastewater fields with regards to application, design and maintenance of all forms of pump stations and systems.

He has overseen the sale and installation of over 20,000 grinder pump stations used in pressure sewer systems in Indiana/Ohio/Kentucky/Illinois, and North and South Carolina. He has been responsible for the development of specialized training classes in each of those states on the topic of Low Pressure Sewer Systems. Each of those states offer CEU’s for these classes.

Bob’s program of Application, Design and Installation of Pressure Sewers has trained over 1,000 professionals since 2000.

Bob is also working with several communities throughout the country to develop a program of rehabilitating their ageing sewer infrastructure utilizing pressure sewers.

As V.P. Sales for Covalen, Bob has been responsible for the development of a new wastewater booster pump station technology that is being utilized in low pressure sewer systems throughout Indiana.

Career Highlights

  • Developed Municipal Sales Group for Covalen and grew into five states and ten sales staff over twenty year period.
  • Participated in the design and implementation of the largest Pressure Sewer System in North America
  • Developed a hybrid “Sewage Booster Station” for pressure sewer system use.



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